Flag of Bangladesh
The Bangladesh flag was officially adopted on January 25, 1972, after gaining its independence from PakistanThe RED disk symbolizes that struggle for freedom, and the GREEN field is representative of the fertile land.
Location of Bangladesh in Globe
Outline Map of Bangladesh
Map of Bangladesh
A Brief Description:
For many thousands of years a long list of regional empires and European traders fought for control of the water-logged land now called Bangladesh.
Ruled by Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries, Bangladesh (formerly called East Pakistan), was formed in 1971 when it officially separated from its union with West Pakistan (now called Pakistan).
As one of the most crowded countries on the planet, much of the lush, low-lying landscape is subject to yearly flooding, and the subsequent devastation of cyclones.
Those natural hazards have adversely affected the nation's economy and its people, as they often cause great loss of life.
Not on the front-burner of most travelers, reports from those who venture here rave about its natural beauty, the friendly welcome, the capital city of Dhaka, and the easy-going beach resort of Cox's Bazar - home to the world's longest beach.
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