01). Tap on Apps icon from the Home screen.
02). Tap on Clock icon.
03). Tap on Add to set a new alarm.
04). You can adjust the time by tapping on ( ^ ) or ( v ) or you can tap on Keypad to manually set the time.
05). Set the Alarm time by tapping on the numeric keyboard.
06). You can repeat your alarm by tapping on Repeat weekly.
07). Select the Option according to your requirement.
08). Tap on Back to return to the previous screen.
09). You can select your alarm type by tapping on Alarm type.
10). You can select from Sound, Vibrate, or Sound & vibrate.
11). You can select your alarm tone. Select and tap on Alarm tone.
12). Select the Alarm tone from the available options.
13). Tap on Back.
14). You can snooze your alarm by tapping on the Snooze switch.
15). Drag the screen downwards for more Options.
16). You can increase the alarm volume for the first 60 seconds by tapping on Increasing volume switch.
17). You can add an alarm name by tapping on Alarm name.
18). Enter the Alarm name by using the on-screen keyboard.
19). Tap on Save.
20). Your saved Alarm will be shown in the list.
NOTE: You can remove the Alarm by tapping on ( x ) icon. Click Here For More...
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